Tame the Fight Night Jitters: Ultimate Guide to Staying Calm Before Your Kickboxing Bout

Tame the Fight Night Jitters: Ultimate Guide to Staying Calm Before Your Kickboxing Bout


We've all been there – the fight night is upon us, and suddenly we can hear our heartbeat. Welcome to the world of pre-fight jitters. These jitters can make you feel like you've forgotten all your training. Fear not, warrior! We've put together an ultimate guide to help you stay calm and focused before your kickboxing bout.

Talk Your Way to Confidence (Cognitive Restructuring)

What's the chatter in your head like? Are you thinking about how your opponent might be better? It's time to change the conversation. Research suggests positive self-talk and visualization work wonders (Hanton, Neil, & Mellalieu, 2008). Think about your best moves, visualize your victory, and talk yourself into confidence. This mental game is as crucial as your physical preparation.

Loosen Up with Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR)

Tense muscles? You might want to give Progressive Muscle Relaxation (PMR) a shot. It involves tensing and relaxing your muscles group by group. Research shows this reduces anxiety and improves focus (Goodie, Larkin, & Schauss, 2000). So, before you get into the ring, take a few minutes to loosen up.

Breathe Like a Pro (Diaphragmatic Breathing)

Breathe, fighter, breathe. But not just any breathing - deep diaphragmatic breathing. This technique can reduce those pesky physiological responses to anxiety (Ma, Zhou, Li, & Pan, 2017). It's simple - take deep breaths through your belly rather than shallow ones through your chest. Do this just before your fight to keep your cool.

Find Your Zen (Mindfulness and Meditation)

Mindfulness isn't just for yoga enthusiasts. It can help kickboxers like you stay in the moment and not get swept away by the pre-fight chaos. Studies show mindfulness and meditation reduce anxiety and improve focus (Baltzell & Akhtar, 2014). So, before your fight, find a quiet corner, and meditate your worries away.

Set the Stage with Pre-Competition Routines

Do you have a pre-fight ritual? If not, it's time to get one. Studies show that pre-competition routines can help create a sense of familiarity and focus (Boutcher and Zinsser, 1990). Whether it's shadow boxing, listening to your favorite pump-up song, or wearing your lucky hand wraps, find a routine that puts you in the fight zone.

Your Squad Matters (Social Support)

Remember to underestimate the power of your squad. Your coach, friends, and family can be your pillars of strength. Research shows that social support significantly reduces anxiety (Freeman & Rees, 2009). So, let them cheer for you, pep talk you, or just be there in the locker room. It can make all the difference.


Fight night jitters can be a real uppercut to your confidence. But with these evidence-backed strategies - cognitive restructuring, progressive muscle relaxation, deep breathing, mindfulness, pre-fight routines, and social support - you can float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. Good luck, warrior!

Ready to step into the ring like a pro? Please share this article with your fellow kickboxers and let us know which technique worked best for you!


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