MMA Greensboro Team Sponsored by the US Adidas Kickboxing Distributor

MMA Greensboro Team Sponsored by the US Adidas Kickboxing Distributor

In a significant development for the martial arts community, the MMA Greensboro team has garnered a prestigious sponsorship from OPTAPT LLC, the distributor of ADIDAS Kickboxing in the United States, for their participation in the WAKO USA National Kickboxing Championships. This partnership is a testament to the remarkable potential and achievements of the MMA Greensboro team.

Why ADIDAS Kickboxing Chose MMA Greensboro

ADIDAS Kickboxing, through its distributor OPTAPT LLC, recognizes the exceptional qualities of the MMA Greensboro team, making them a natural choice for sponsorship. Key factors in this decision include:

  • Ghenadii Bitco's Leadership: Renowned for his excellent coaching and strong moral principles, Bitco has been instrumental in building a team culture that prioritizes discipline, respect, and continuous improvement.


Ghenadii Bitco


  • The Addition of Hamid Amni: Amni's involvement as a seven-time Kickboxing champion, PhD student, and NC kickboxing director brings a unique blend of academic rigor and athletic excellence to the team. His leadership and expertise further enhance the team's strategic approach to competition. 

Hamid Amni WAKO Kickboxing with Adidas Kickboxing gear


  • Proven Track Record: The team's consistent performance in competitions, coupled with their commitment to excellence in martial arts, aligns perfectly with ADIDAS Kickboxing's values of fostering talent and promoting sportsmanship.

MMA Greensboro: A Fusion of Talent and Dedication

MMA Greensboro stands out in the US martial arts for its exceptional training environment and the caliber of athletes it produces. Under the guidance of Bitco and Amni, the team is a strong contender at national competitions like the WAKO USA National Kickboxing Championships. Here's why they're a team to watch:

  • Comprehensive Training: The team benefits from a holistic training approach that encompasses technical skills, physical fitness, and mental toughness.
  • Community and Character Building: Beyond physical training, MMA Greensboro emphasizes character development, preparing athletes for success both in and out of the ring.
  • Strategic Excellence: With the combined expertise of its leaders, the team is known for its strategic and well-planned approach to competitions.

Anticipating a Dynamic Performance at the WAKO USA National Kickboxing Championships

With the backing of OPTAPT LLC, the MMA Greensboro team is poised to make a significant impact at the upcoming championships. This sponsorship is not only a recognition of the team's potential and past achievements but also a vote of confidence in their future success in the world of kickboxing.

Exploring Additional Sponsorship Opportunities for Future Endeavors

While the sponsorship from OPTAPT LLC significantly boosts the MMA Greensboro team by providing gear and apparel, the team is actively seeking additional sponsorship opportunities to support their gym enhancement and upcoming travel needs. These sponsorships are crucial for gym upgrades, offering state-of-the-art training facilities, and covering travel and accommodation expenses for national events like the WAKO USA National Kickboxing Championships. Such holistic support extends beyond physical resources, encompassing nutrition, health, and wellness, which are vital for the athletes' overall performance and well-being. This initiative not only reflects the team's commitment to excellence but also opens doors for potential sponsors to contribute to a journey centered around sportsmanship, community building, and promoting a healthy lifestyle.

For further information on the WAKO USA National Kickboxing Championships and to follow the MMA Greensboro team’s journey, visit the WAKO USA official website.


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